Monday, 28 May 2012

Training begins...

The Opportunist Cyclist, as I am now increasingly calling myself to all and sundry. Imagine... can I have your name please. Sure, The Opportunist Cyclist - boom! Hey Matt do this, er hey that's not my name sucker. It gives a certain piquancy to office phone calls - I want to speak to Matthew Williams, try again amigo.

Anyway, we all exist for a reason and as I Matthew Williams or The Opportunist Cyclist am coming to the conclusion that life is there to challenge yourself. Mentally - physically - emotionally. Life is there to be a challenge so step up and be challenged.

This all fits in neatly with my later blog post - A YEAR OF PAIN - sounds ominous right, yes yes portentous with a drop of the sinister. In fact it will be young male looking to test himself for a few pennies for a designated charity. It will be tough though you can bet your bottom dollar on that. I love a slogan!

Anyway, going from a low base as I am - I only picked my bike a few months back and if I am going to go through A YEAR OF PAIN then you can imagine that I will want to prepare for it and well that is what I am plan to do.

After all A YEAR OF PAIN incomplete is a challenge failed, so ride/swin/run/crawl (anyway counts for the Opportunist Cyclist - fear the inertia!) with me as a prepare to conquer my challenge.

Good day all.


  1. A year of pain? Well, that sounds... painful. It does sound like a brilliant opportunity to give something back by raising money for charity through taking part in sponsored events. Well done, Opportunist Cyclist, I look forward to seeing this idea develop into something concrete and fulfilling for you.

  2. All I would say is watch this space! 1st commenter on my blog, thanks Paje!