Thursday, 7 June 2012

A right good Jubilee

After a good few days sans a blog I am back with a vengeance. The reason for my silence is due to a brief sojourn down to the Gower Peninsula, that's Wales for the average Joe. Precisely, I was at the Hillend campsite where The Opportunist Cyclist was loving a spot of the outdoor life as well as the obligatory hard drinking that goes with any bank holiday weekend - I will say it again long live the bank holiday.

In tow down to Wales, my dear girlfriend JP, who is best described as a cross between a sloth and the angriest of angry - she is angry - wasp. For more talk on angry animals see my research material.... This is all said with a degree of Chutzpa. JP doesn't check my blog and in-turn I have freewill to slander - in real life she would have laid the smack down, bless Dwayne Johnson. So myself JP, the inimitable Herman as well as my brother, sister-in-law and a whole range of characters straight out of Compton sucker. Only joking, the remaining members comprise family friends from Manchester/London. A motley crew indeed.

Oh and of course Betsy, she is my bike by the way for those of you who are new to my blog.

Now I am sat at my desk back in the urban jungle - listening to Crowded House - and conducting some sweet media buying. I am doing this all in blissful harmony in the realisation that I am becoming a cycler! Now this may seem like an inane comment to make after blogging about biking for the last month or so. I say this however as I mean a cycler who has teeth.

I had this realisation as I stormed up one of the many hills that surround the Gower Peninsula, and that lie along the route from Hillend to Gowerton (see route below) in the process of doing so leaving my housemate - he of four years cycling experience - for dead, I have potential.

And potential my friends is what The Opportunist Cyclist is all about.

Ride coming up this weekend, I will let you know the details, and what's more I have been slack with my speed/timings - for shame - I will update this after the ride on Saturday.

Speak soon.

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