Thursday, 3 May 2012

Cornering - help me.

Day 2.
In my cycling journey, I am finding that my daily rides throw up one or two challenges. The number one issue currently is cornering. Having now got used to keeping the bike under control on the straight, downhill and uphill - now I just need to work out cornering, which when you think about it is kind of essential.

I find that I lack confidence when turning and often find myself braking down to a snail's pace so that I can keep tight to the curb. If I don't brake and ride gonzo at the corner I tend to find myself careering out into the road and any ideas of staying close to the curb or indeed keeping safe disappear.

Now, I am understand that cornering is as much about speed coming into the corner as it is about riding skill and ability to control the bike but I am really struggling to corner even when my speed is quite flat.

Does anybody have any advice -  I saw this YouTube link below but is there any more to add...

This blog isn't just about sharing it is about receiving so if you do have any tips to help a fledgling road biker on his merry way please do harp up.

Thank you,
The Opportunist Cyclist.

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