Wednesday, 23 May 2012

A Week in the life of the Opportunist Cyclist

A week has passed since the Hampshire Hilly - not that you would notice, my last post mistakenly delayed...remember you have to push publish! Since that fateful day on the Hampshire hills, I have pushed forward with my riding. My average speed is soaring as is my belief and confidence in my cycling ability.

The Opportunist Cyclist reverted to two feet last weekend as I was left bikeless on a sojourn to rural Leicestershire. Now the Opportunist Cyclist need to exercise isn't diminished without "betsy" indeed the need for challenge remains constant. So although "betsy" was tucked up in her South London bolthole the opportunist cyclist i.e. me went on a 16 mile run.

I had two dawning realisations. One that running becomes quite boring, when you develop a passion for cycling and that secondly and most importantly - human beings can achieve what they set their minds on doing, this happens quite often apparently. Now the Opportunist Cyclist works for a living, and is doing a fairly good job - though there is always room for improvement, I need to find something else to test me.

I came up with the idea....

A Year of Pain.

The Opportunist Cyclist starts again.

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